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Server Security

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Server Audit
Server Security - Linux Basic
Server Security - Linux Advanced
Server Audit
$20.00 USD
Manual Audit
No Changes will be made to server configuration
Check the overall security setup
Check server firewall
Check the currently executing processes
Check if unnecessary processes are turned off
Scan the server with chkrootkit and rkhunter and analyse the result
Scan for trojans or executables in the disk partition
Check network connectivity and open ports and IPs for any lurking problems
Check mod_security/mod_evasive setup if there is one
Check if your server is memory or CPU starved
Check your mysql settings based on available RAM
Check your http settings based on available RAM and peak load statistics ( If you provide us )
Check your email queue and let you know if there is an incident of abuse in the last 7 days
Check LFD settings
Check for users with shell access
..and many more
Server Security - Linux Basic
$59.95 USD
Server Security - Linux Advanced
$69.95 USD

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